Fechin Art Workshops: Carolyn Anderson

by FO


16 – 20 September, 2019
Hotel St. Bernard
Taos Ski Valley, NM

This workshop is currently UNAVAILABLE.

All-inclusive Tuition: $1900
Workshop includes 5 day instruction, model fees, private room and meals at the Hotel St. Bernard, (stbernardtaos.com), Salon des Arts, New Mexico taxes & hotel gratuity. Arrival is Sunday, the day before the workshop begins, concluding after lunch on Friday.

Limited to 20 students
(Cancellation date: 16 August 2019. Flight insurance is recommended.)

Carolyn Anderson, a nationally recognized pastelist and oil painter, was born and raised in the Chicago area. Anderson attended school at Illinois State University. She joined the Vista program (Volunteers in Service to America) in the early 70’s and was assigned to work on an Indian reservation in Montana, She eventually returned to Montana and now lives in Havre, a small community in north central Montana near the Canadian border.

She is a Master Artist with the American Impressionist Society (AIS) and a member of the Northwest Rendezvous (NWR). Her work has been featured in numerous publications, including Southwest Art, Art of the West, American Artist and the Big Sky Journal. Some of her awards include the C.M. Russell Artists’ Choice, the NWR Award of Excellence, two CM Russell Best of Show Awards and most recently the 2010 Master Award of Excellence for AIS.

Anderson teaches numerous painting workshops across the country. She has taught for the Frye Museum in Seattle, Walt Disney Imagineering, The Scottsdale Artists School, and the Fechin Art Workshops. Her work is in the collection of many well-known artists and the Montana Historical Society.


Realist painting may depend on the object, but how a painting is constructed is dependent on relationships. In this workshop we will explore how we see, how we can see differently and how to make comparisons and see relationships. We will discuss values, color, temperature and the importance of edges and learn how to use that information in an expressive and interpretive way. The result will be the creation of an interesting and sensitive painting.

Live models will be our principle subject matter, with one afternoon spent discussing and using photographs. There will be demonstrations, a slide presentation, lecture and individual instruction offered throughout the week. This class is for the intermediate to advanced painter.

Girl-reading-on-bedI prefer Holbein paints and use the following colors:
Cadmium red light
Terra Rosa
Yellow ochre and/or gold ochre (I usually use gold ochre)
Permanent yellow deep
Permanent yellow light
Permanent orange (the permanent colors are substitutes for cadmiums)
Terra verte
Ultramarine blue deep
Mineral violet
Crimson lake or alizarin crimson
Burnt sienna
White (preferably a white with a more fluid consistency) e.g. Gamblin, Rembrandt or Holbein Titanium

PoloNOTE: Terra verte, mineral violet and gold ochre are specific colors to Holbein. Gamblin’s manganese violet is very similar to the mineral violet. Other terra vertes are not the same color as the Holbein brand.
A good source for Holbein materials is www.black-horse.com or 800-790-2552.
I recommend bristle brushes, such as hog bristle, in flats, sizes 4 to 10 or 12.
I also use a smaller size synthetic round, e.g. 2 or 4.
Gessoed masonite can be a good surface to work on. I’ve found Liquitex gesso to be the best and I apply it with a small foam roller. Three coats is adequate. I also use linen panels, Claussens 15 or 66 canvas. Try to avoid panels that are too smooth and have no tooth. Plan on two panels per day.
I would like to see smaller sized panels or canvases used in the workshop. A finished 9×12 or 12×16 is much better than a partially covered 20×26. With this in mind, please limit your panel and canvas size.
TURPENOID OR GAMSOL ONLY! Please do not bring oderless mineral spirits or Turpernoid Natural. Please, no mediums during the workshop.

A Student’s Perspective, published by the Oil Painter’s of America >>