Sherrie McGraw

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Recipients of an honorary Doctorate Award are not casually selected. They are publicly recognized for their outstanding gifts and notable works. Recently, Dr. Sherrie McGraw was awarded her degree from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, during a memorable presentation. Her sage advice to the students encouraged them to pay attention to their inner motivation, advice she continues to follow daily in the privacy of her studio.

Uninfluenced by contemporary art trends or demands for mass production, Sherrie is committed to artistic living. Disciplined time pursuing her inspiration began early in life, resulting in widespread awareness of the importance of her technique and vision.
Top national and international art schools compete for her clarity and insight in their programs. Cornerstone organizations such as the Salmagundi Club and Portrait Society of America rely on her paintings and instruction as benchmarks for their events.

Experiencing the depth and rich quality of Sherrie’s paintings provides important insight into viewing the world. Relationships of light, shadow and texture create balance, demonstrating the wisdom of her choices. Thoughtful selections from her Tang horse and Chinese vase collection, antique fabrics and carefully selected flowers from her garden provide the subject matter from which she creates substance.

Capturing the essence of the human form through drawing has been Sherrie’s signature for many years. Her highly sought after book?The Language of Drawing? is a national resource for anyone seriously interested in understanding the simplicity and challenges of creating the illusion of life through line. A timeless, masterful quality is evidenced in each gesture and fully developed work. Those fortunate to own one of her drawings, understand that they own a part of history.

For the first time, available works from Sherrie’s studio are presented on this site. Collectors and interested individuals will receive advance notice of paintings, ?Off the Easel.? For ten days, the new work will be available prior to being shipped to other sources of representation.