Marilyn Yanke

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ABOUT Marilyn Yanke
Movement is one of the key elements which defines the paintings of Marilyn Yanke. It shapes her vision of the internal and external world, guiding the rhythm of her brushstrokes. Inspiration for subject matter evolves from her response to the quality of light and intensity of color rather than from a literal translation. In this interpretation of space, objects provide visual reference which become pathways to recollecting life’s experiences.

According to Marilyn, ?Static does not exist… Change is the constant.? This dynamic theory is a foundation for her painting technique and life style as evidenced through her continuing education. In 1979, Marilyn was influenced by her studies with Dord Fitz which focused on using elements such as line and color to define space. His painting affiliates included Franz Kline, William de Kooning and Mark Rothko, among others. In 1987, she attended the Art Student’s League in Denver to explore the figure, then became submersed into landscape and architecture in subsequent travels in Europe.

Ever evolving, Marilyn continues to explore shapes and texture on canvas, in response to the visual world. The depth of her knowledge and increasingly fluid technique engages the viewer, inviting their interpretation.

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