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Fine Art career consulting for new and established artists.

  • Are you interested in improving the quality of your work?
  • Have you wondered how to make a transition from a business career into fine art?
  • Do you have an effective website?
  • How does the art market know about your work?
  • Are you an established artist who would like to take their career to the next level?

If you are sitting at your easel contemplating these questions and wondering what to do next, you may consider employing some professional advice.  Defining your plan of action is the first step towards implementing it. Creating achievable goals with a realistic timeline provides the opportunity to expand your ideas with accountability and confidence.

An initial conversation with the Consultant will help define important ideas and values about your career. A general proposal based on this discussion will be drafted to make sure you and the Consultant are in agreement. Once the proposal has been approved, a contract and timeline will be created for the next 1-5 years and will include an estimate of time involvement by the Consultant.

Marilyn Laubhan Yanke

“An artist’s first priority, or at least mine, is to create. Painting time, easel time, is the primary focus of the artist, it is what feeds the creative process. With today’s technology, marketing is more complicated than ever, I can’t do both!”

Create the freedom to pursue your passion through intelligent career choices.

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